Fatigue and emotional eating…

I find that if I am tired I can’t make good decisions…I know I am not alone with this! When I don’t get enough rest I am out of balance and it’s easy to reach for the stimulants and the sugars to keep me upright and engaged.

It’s a trap! Sugar and stimulants hurt my adrenals and the energy is non sustaining. Instead, I have to catch myself in my emotional and poor habits and prepare and get more rest.

Starting anything new takes discipline and I encourage my patients to start changing ONE thing EVERY WEEK. Switch out one ingredient in your fridge or pantry every week to organic and find healthier alternatives. Small gradual changes over a long period of time creates a new way of living. It is affordable and achievable to change one thing at a time.

Start with salad dressings, eggs, hormone-free grass-fed, and grass-finished meats. Eliminate one thing a week also — refined sugars, dairy and glyphosate heavy fruits and vegetables.

Knowledge is power and when you know better you can do better. You don’t wake up one day with chronic illness, it accumulates and stacks — one food and lifestyle choice at a time.

When I am tired I don’t make the same emotional decisions and I reach for foods and choices that are not for my highest good or aligned to my health goals.

This week I am choosing to change ONE thing that will serve me — take a nap every day. This is healthy, it’s proactive and it’s a way of enhancing my emotional capacity and helping me with my food choices.

Be your own practitioner, analyze your habits and your shortcomings and make small gradual changes — one per week.

Every 7 years you get a NEW body! New cells, new organs and new health potential. I’m making today count towards becoming the best and healthiest version of myself!

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