Fast Relief for Colic and Reflux

It’s estimated that 1 in 5 babies experience colic and/or reflux. I can attest to this as I treat a lot of this in my clinic. It usually involved extreme periods of crying, pain, trapped wind, and acid reflux that repeats after each and every feed. It’s horrible for baby and it’s exhausting for the new mom and dad!
Here is what you need to know –
* It’s commonly caused by an underdeveloped digestive system and it can correct itself within weeks with the remedy Silica. Silica in high potency really helps to strengthen the gut, increase absorption of nutrients, and development of the LES and ileocecal valve.
* Many times it can be from allergies or food sensitivities from the mother’s breast milk and/or the formula they are on. Foods to watch out for include – wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, fruit (high sugar), and soy.
* If this is the case what do you eat? Many exasperated moms come to me on elimination diets prescribed by dietitians and naturopaths. Instead of eliminating I have a breastfeeding/baby diet that I recommend for all of my pregnant and expecting mums including postpartum for 8 weeks. ** I recommend a high plant-based diet – fruit, vegetables, soaked brown rice and eggs for my pregnant and lactating mums. In most cases, this completely eliminates colic within 3 weeks. (If there is a known allergy or sensitivity to eggs then this is to be eliminated.) **
* Remedies to reach for to give your baby relief – Colocynthis, Mag Phos, Dioscorea, and Nux Vomica.
* Remedies for mom – Medhorrhinum (the sycotic miasm is active and needs to be locked down, you will need a practitioner for this one), Lac Maternum, Lycopodium and Sepia are most commonly the constitutions that have babies with colic and reflux.
* I treat the baby and mom together to completely resolve colic. It’s an imbalance for both so when both are treated together the results are fast and lasting!
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