Ear Infections –

NO – it is NOT a normal part of childhood that you or your children have to endure.
  • I have lost count of how many desperate parents I have spoken to over the last 18 years who speak to me about their perfectly healthy baby that suddenly became ill, have dark rings under the eyes, low immunity, are always sick, and have recurrent ear infections. **Please look at the timeline and ask yourself – when did they start and why! (Or book a free call with me on my website and I will share with you – www.nicolecunningham.com)
  • Next – recurrent ear infections, tubes/grommets, and tonsil and adenoid extractions are NOT essential either! They are a result of an active Tubercular Miasm (listen to my miasm webinar to learn more – https://youtu.be/KKrOh-DSbqU) This can be altered with Homoeopathic Medicine and the cycle of tonsillitis and recurrent illness will completely resolve. Often only 1-2 months of treatment are needed to completely reverse this for your child/family.
  • Reduce and/or completely eliminate sugar, wheat and dairy for your children that do suffer from recurrent ear infections. The tubercular miasm most commonly activates childhood allergies and food sensitivities and this is why eliminating these can greatly increase your child’s immune system. This is why all of a sudden your children have food allergies.
  • The cycle of antibiotics for ear infections is a really big deal, so is antibiotic resistance as a result. Please listen to my webinar and learn how to get out of this cycle – How to get through Winter with our Antibiotics – https://youtu.be/GG1ZqsHYAQI
  • Instead of antibiotics have these remedies on hand to reach for  –


  • Belladonna – useful when the pain is intense and throbbing and the symptoms come on very suddenly. The pain is worse from any movement and the person is sensitive to light and the skin is hot to the touch and often has a fever.
  • Chamomilla – when the pain and earache are present at the same time as teething. They are irritable and hypersensitive to any pain.
  • Hepar Sulph – when the earache is painful and there are bulging eardrums and pus in the ear. The person is sensitive to everything especially cold air and the pain feels like a pointer is being driven into the ear.
  • Merc Sol – this remedy is for advanced ear infections with discharge from the ear, shooting pains and the person has enlarged lymph nodes, offensive breath, and systemic infection.
  • Pulsatilla – the most common remedy I reach for when an ear infection is part of a head cold from eating food that suppresses the immune system – sugar, wheat, and dairy. This remedy I reach for after birthday parties and celebrations where the wrong food is eaten and the child gets sick. Additionally, this remedy is for when ear infections and colds come on after exposure to the cold, particularly good for children who are swimmers with frequent colds and ear infections.
Dosage in 6c or 30c is best, dry dose every 7 minutes until the pain reduces and then hourly until the child is completely well again. Miasmatic Homeopathy will completely eliminate this for your family and the child’s constitutional medicine administered at the same time will bring a much faster recovery.