Ear Infections – what you need to know

Frequent ear infections are perhaps the most common complaint that brings new families into my care.
After several rounds of antibiotics and tubes/gromets in their children’s ears, they are fed up.
Natural remedies such as garlic oil in the ear, vitamins, and essential oils are not doing enough so they reach for Homoeopathic Medicine as we offer a permanent resolution.
Ear infections like asthma and eczema are often signs of something deeper going on with your child’s health. Despite what your friends and family tell you it’s not normal for children to have these and to live in pain and on antibiotics – it’s NOT.
Here are a few things to know –
❌At the first sign of any pain and discomfort eliminate dairy, wheat, gluten, and sugar immediately! This can be a game-changer and stop another round of antibiotics. These foods create mucus and suppress the immune system if your child has intolerances or sensitivities to them. (Many children do but you may not be aware)
❌Treat the immune system – your child’s immune system is significantly compromised if you have a few rounds of ear infections in a year. When their immune system is compromised and their vital force is low they are susceptible to getting another ear infection after every change of weather, birthday party, and the exposure to any bugs going around school or daycare. May parents swear by elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C as prevention but after a while, this doesn’t do what it used to. This is often when I am contacted to secure permanent change with Homeopathic Medicine.
❌PLEASE keep your child at home! Too often children are sent back to school, daycare, and kinder when they are still recovering or just starting another ear infection. When you send your children back too early to socialize with other children you not only put other children in harm’s way but you seriously hinder your own child’s ability to recover. Many children in my care sadly don’t know what it feels like to feel well! Despite their parents’ best efforts to boost their immunity and treat their illness they are always feeling run down and under the weather. This is the nature of ear infections. Over time the viral or bacterial load becomes systemic as the gut flora has been wiped out from recurring prescriptions of antibiotics and the children that come into my care are really compromised.
❌If your children don’t bounce back after their ear infections, even when the antibiotics seem to have done the trick please take notice! There may be undiagnosed conditions, food allergies, or sensitivities that when addressed can really improve your children’s health and you will see your child is back to their old self again permanently.