Do you have BUGS?

Is a gut bug causing your poor nutrient absorption?
Do you ever feel like you eat well and therefore you should have more energy than you do?
I hear this every day from my patients. Unfortunately, many adults (more than you would think) and children are feeding parasites and other harmful gut amoebae the nutrients and expensive organic foods and supplements that they consume.
Some of the symptoms that are indicative of this are –
Pain – abdominal and intestinal
Nausea on waking and after eating
Eating the same things but each time your body has a different response and reaction
Disturbed sleep and irregular sleeping patterns
Itchy bottom
Allergies – skin and hayfever, unexplained rashes, and frequent sneezing
Loose foul-smelling stools with mucus
Distended abdomen
Anemia and lethargy
Digestive system imbalance can be caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Most common in my practice I treat and eradicate Helicobactor Pylori, Parasites – worms, Candida, Enterococcus, Staphylococcus, Klebsiella, and Clostridia.
Treatment is essential and it must include addressing and eradicating the amoeba in its ENTIRE lifecycle – the lava, eggs, and live bugs.
If you suspect you have a problem and need help please reach out, you don’t have to feel like this! You can book a free 20-minute consultation with me.
Your immunity is directly linked to the integrity and strength of your gut. If it’s overrun by bugs it will not defend you in the way you need it too and your expensive supplements and organic foods are being wasted.
Knowledge is power and when you know better you can DO better!