Do I want to donate $1?

I went yesterday to Natural Grocers (100% organic supermarket here in the USA) and they asked me if I wanted to donate $1 to keeping parks pesticide-free. I took the information home with me and I have started to think and research this. Instead of parks, which are public land so they can qualify as a non-profit – amazing cause by the way and I WILL be donating $1 next time – FOR SURE!
However, back to my commentary – INSTEAD or perhaps AS WELL AS I want all of our farmers to go non-GMO and pesticide-free. If you aren’t in the low down yet, for the last 25 years (that we are aware of) big Pharma and big business (including tobacco) have been in cahoots in poisoning us as a species. YEP! Not just us either by the way, the animals, the plants, and all LIVING things here on the planet…but why?
Why would they want to poison us with the pesticide glyphosate and genetically modify our foods? To make us patients for their unsustainable death trap that is the western medical model. Their goal is not wellness and health, their goal is to create patients for life by consistently poisoning our food and water supply.
We do have power though! If you haven’t read my articles on organic food I invite you to check them out here on my new blog.
This is the power we DO HAVE –
We have access to
💚water filters
💚organic foods
💚we can choose to reduce or eliminate our consolation of hormonal laden meat and dairy
💚we have access to ‘woke’ health practitioners who can steer us in the right direction and deliver evidence-based education to change our choices and heath decisions
💚we can choose to go to bed earlier and use sleep as a form of medicine
💚we can get our butts into gear and start moving! walk, run, do yoga, take a spin class! You hold the power to changing your body!
💚we can read, chant, meditate and practice mindfulness – make this commitment every day as your ‘stress management strategy in 2020’
PLEASE start working on the list above and make it a priority, TODAY! We don’t have to become victims or cogs in a broken health system. We have the power to choose, to buy, and contribute to CLEAN and sustainable food and water resources globally.
YES! I WILL BE donating $1 next time I shop for a pesticide and GMO-free world!