Disappointment sucks…

Life, people, circumstances, objectives, best intentions…when things don’t go to plan it can be so disappointing.

Dealing with that feeling of being let down, things not meeting your expectations, it’s a mixture of grief, despair, disillusionment, and heartbreak.

In these times I have to give myself permission to sit and feel, I have to allow myself to process the emotions so that I can pivot and regroup.

Once I regroup I find my true self which is capable, fun and optimistic. I find that once I regroup I can get into being proactive, making decisions and feeling content and fulfilled again. This is the place that has me feeling hopeful and full of faith that these circumstances will soon be over and that life WILL be better after this in many beautiful ways.

This has been a big word for me lately — REGROUP. This means gathering myself, remembering my strengths, and focusing on the control and the decisions I can influence.

Recently with disappointment has come a new emotion for me — powerlessness. This is new for me, I have not felt powerlessness so consistently in my life. It has come and stayed for a few days at a time since the beginning of COVID and the lockdowns.

In April it started for us, we were in lockdown for 9 weeks. I saw and felt disappointment in my heart and in my family unit like never before.

Now I hear it in the voices and the lives of my Australian patients. My heart breaks for the losses, the injustice, the disillusionment that we have lost SO much in so little amount of time…what could be next, how long can this go on for, what will life look like? These are the conversations I have every day, hour after hour in my practice.

I am reaching for two Homoeopathic Medicines for this emotion, for this despair, to help me process and remain strong, clear, and impactful in my work and in my personal life.

Natrum Muriaticum — this homeopathic medicine is for disappointment, grief, loss, and the ability to move forward even when there is emotion that hangs like a dark cloud. This remedy has performed miracles in my clinic, enabled men and women to carry on in war-torn countries, refugee camps, and in deep poverty. Now it’s using its power to assist me and many of my patients carry on this is a new time of uncertainty.

Ignatia — one of the best medicines for grief, turmoil, and loss. This remedy is what I hand out routinely at family funerals. A few years ago I dosed all of my family except one as we entered the church. The one family member who didn’t get a dose was the only person who ‘lost it’ and was unable to function through the service until she took the dose as we were leaving for the wake. It’s fast-acting and it doesn’t suppress any of the emotions, it makes it manageable. This remedy is big in my clinic right now for asthma, breathing difficulties, and the collective consciousness of loss that is being felt globally. Many of my patients are taking this remedy right now and finding a greater capacity to ‘regroup’ and begin to plan and create solutions for themselves.

I say often to my patients that Homoeopathic Medicine is LIFE MEDICINE. This really could not be truer than right now. I often say I can’t imagine being a parent without Homoeopathy, especially a parent of girls and teenagers!

But really, the world and families need Homoeopathic Medicine more than ever now. We need to process our grief, we need to deal with and manage our disappointment and we have to find ways to regroup and gather our strength to pivot and embrace whatever is next.

If you are struggling or feeling powerless please reach out to me in a free 20-minute call. Homeopathic Medicine can help you and your family as it is mine and the families in my practice. Book a time on my calendar now — https://schedulewithnicolecunningham.as.me/discoverycall

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