Whether clinically diagnosed or just feeling down and struggling more than normal these emotions and low motivation can be assisted with Homoeopathic Medicine

The remedies I reach for most commonly in my clinic for depression include Aurum Metallicum, Diamond, Nat Mur and at the moment also Ignatia.

Depression lowers the spirits and drowns the eyes in tears, I often feel this is why people lose their ability to see life clearly.

Depression also sinks the chest, slumps the shoulders, and inhibits full breathing, usually forcing unhappy people to try to catch their breath by frequent sighing. This is where Aurum and Ignatia really are beautiful medicines that bring relief.

Depression, like all ailments, are unique to the individual and as a practitioner, I treat the person not the depression per se. By finding the remedy that most matches their individual presentation of depression and also causation, fast and lasting relief is obtained.

Many patients come to me as they are sick of feeling numb and mute on anti depressions. With great care and supervision with their doctor, a plan and progress can be made to make them feel whole again and not be on pharmaceutical dependence to feel alive, happy, and connected.

The real dangers of pharmaceutical medicines for mental illness lies in dependency. Instead of seeking therapy, practicing mindfulness, and reaching for life and lifestyle changes it’s been sold to us as consumers for decades (especially in America!) that taking a pill every day to be functional is OK and normal.

This meta-analysis of antidepressant medications when you do the research finds only modest benefits over placebo treatment in published research, but when unpublished trial data is included, the benefit falls below accepted criteria for clinical significance. Yet the pills are still dished out like candy and men, women and teenagers are suffering more than ever.

Jonathan Davidson, MD, a professor of psychiatry at Duke University, conducted a small study of adults with major depression, social phobia, and panic disorders. He found that 60 percent of the patients responded favorably to homeopathic treatment. * Davidson, J, Morrison, R, Shore, J, et al., Homeopathic Treatment of Depression and Anxiety,” Alternative Therapies, January, 1997,3,1:46–49.

When patients recognize the considerable safety of homeopathic medicines and the benefits it’s an easy choice to reach out for Homoeopathic Medicine consultation.

Ultimately the wellness and premise behind homeopathy is that symptoms of illness are not just something “wrong” with the person but are actually efforts of their body/mind to fight something or adapting to stress. Instead of using large doses of pharmacological agents to inhibit or suppress symptoms making the patient numb and/or creating a denial of the body speaking to us the person gives the symptoms to the Homoeopathic physician to prescribe.

Homoeopathic Medicine is individual medicine. This holistic treatment for depression is what creates lasting results for patients who have been reliant on pharmaceutical medicines to be ‘functional’. Not only do they regain their emotional center but they begin to reconnect with others, find joy in every day living, and return to a state where there is no ‘suppression’ in any way.

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