Cow’s milk is for BABY COWS!

One of the biggest education points in my practice over almost 20 years is the reality that cow’s milk has VERY LITTLE health benefits compared to its dangers!
Most of my patients are very surprised by this as they have been fed cows milk and they have believed all of the advertising and endorsement from the meat and dairy corporations that we NEED cows milk for calcium otherwise we will get Osteoporosis.
Unfortunately, these are myths driven by marketing and sales! Do we need calcium absolutely but there are MUCH better sources.
Here are the facts –
❌ 65% of adults have some form of lactose intolerance. That’s nearly 3 out of 4 people worldwide.
❌ Most eczema, allergies, gut problems, and skin conditions are linked to mild to severe dairy intolerance. Even depression is linked to excessive dairy consumption.
❌ Cows are routinely given steroids and other bioengineered hormones to plump them up. These potent synthetic hormones disturb the delicate human hormonal balance, leading to endocrine dysfunction.
❌ Under current industrial methods, cow’s milk contains toxic pesticides (including glyphosate), and GMO corn in the food that cows ingest also make their way into the milk, which humans unknowingly consume! Don’t take my word for it –
❌ It makes you fat! Cow’s milk is perfectly designed to turn a 65-pound newborn calf into a 400-pound cow in one year. It contains 3x more protein 7x more mineral content. By comparison – human breast milk is designed for babies as it has 10x as many essential fatty acids, 3x as much selenium, and half the calcium.
❌ The biggest problem – the myth that calcium in dairy products will strengthen our bones and help prevent osteoporosis, but studies are coming out more and more showing that animal products (including milk, cheese, and yogurt) cause the blood to become acidic. When this happens, the blood leeches calcium from the bones to increase alkalinity. While this is necessary for the pH balance of your blood, it sets your calcium-depleted bones up for osteoporosis.
❌ So where to source your calcium? Almonds, seeds, beans, lentils, almonds, leafy greens, rhubarb, amaranth, and figs contain the highest levels.