I treat hundreds of coughs each year – wet, dry, wheezing, asthmatic, barking, spasmodic, intermittent even whooping cough.
Why do people come to me for coughs? Because Homoeopathic Medicine is FAST, a cough can stop in as little as 3 minutes!
The other MAJOR reason – cough syrups don’t work!
In 2018 researchers for the American Chemical Society took a look at systemic reviews and found there is very little evidence that cough syrup is effective at treating coughs, and that “carefully performed clinical trials show that these medications are generally no better than a placebo.”
There are over 26 Homoeopathic Medicines for coughs as each is a completely different presentation.
Here are just a few of the remedies I reach for:
❌Ant Tart is for wet spasmodic coughs.
Bryonia is for dry painful coughs where there is relief from applying strong pressure to the chest.
❌Phosphorus is for a tickle cough that hurts in the throat that can be aggravated by talking, laughing, and exposure to cold air.
❌Pulsatilla is for a wet cough when there is thick yellow phlegm.
❌Rumex is for coughs that are brought on from exposure to cold air and when there is a tickle in the throat.
Next time you or your children are unwell reach for Homoeopathic Medicine. No side effects, fast resolution, and no drug load!