Constitutional Medicines

I am constitutionally a Sepia.
If you are not familiar with Homeopathic Medicine or the idea of a Homeopathic Constitution here is the run down.
Its is one of the most common reason people come into care with me for wellness and preventative care. (Usually for 1-2 months.)
Every person on the planet has a constitution. It includes your biochemistry, emotional and mental resilience and tendencies, your cravings and aversions, your thermals – how hot or cold your biochemistry is, how you sleep, your energy cycles and rhythms and most importantly how you respond to the world and any stress.
Why find out what your constitution is and those of your family members?
  • When a practitioner determines/diagnoses your constitution he/she is then giving your body the ability to HEAL itself!
  • When a person takes their constitutional remedy the most common feedback I receive is my practice is – “I had no idea I could feel like this, I wake refreshed, I am managing my life and myself in a completely different way. I am no longer feeling overwhelmed or have mood swings and I have more energy than I knew was possible.” These reactions can take as little as 5-14 days to be experienced, every person is different.
  • Whenever your body is feeling out of balance or you feel like you are coming down with a cold or acute symptoms a few doses of your constitutional medicine will pick you up and in many instances prevent you from getting sick!
My constitution is different from both of my children and in my birth family all 4 of us are different constitutions. There are 12 more common constitutions but there are 36 in total that you and your family members could be.
Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure!
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