Claiming Your Birthright to be Well

I can feel and see the tides turning — a new trend for the health industry…

I have been so encouraged by the number of people who have shown a greater interest to understand how Homeopathic Medicine works since the beginning of this epidemic.

Articles, evidence and research about Homoeopathic Medicine being published on mainstream platforms.

People sharing publically what they are learning and the health results they have seen/achieved in their own family through the use of effective Homoeopathic Medicines and organic nutritional medicine.

I believe a new trend is coming to the health industry. I believe now more than ever people are waking up to the agendas behind western medicine and it’s ‘routine’ approach to health and family care.

I see families understanding the need to treat each and every person as an individual — it makes sense doesn’t it, the body is one complete ecosystem so how can one symptom not be directly related to another causing systemic illness?

I am seeing empowerment — parents demanding explanations and asking questions before giving pharmceutical medicines more than ever before. I am seeing parents wanting to understand what THEY can do with diet, nutrition and lifestyle/parenting approaches to help their children to be healthy, happy and to thrive!

I see parents taking their god-given authority and choice back to heal their children according to their beliefs and values. Not just following the Dr who is treated like God because that is what the broken health care system would have us believe! 
Why? Because there is great commercial interests in disempowering parents — great profits in taking away their power and their belief in food as medicine and natural nonharmful alternatives and having their families dependend on harmful and often nonessential and overprescribed pharmaceutical drugs.

I am excited as I am seeing that no longer are parents just taking advice, listening and following blindly to what the western medical system wants them to believe.

So what does this mean?

It means that families are on their way to becoming well! They are becoming independent and they are taking steps to choose health providers who are aligned to their values and who live a life that is PROOF that their methods work.

It means that people are being seen as individuals and demanding wholistic medicine that prolongs their life! Rejecting dependence on drugs that have side effects and pharmaceutical agendas that are invested in keeping them down, unhealthy and shortening their lives!

It means recurrent illnesses are being seen as a biochemical imbalance that needs to be addressed wholistically instead of just accepting this as a life sentence, something that you just have to live with!

It means that Homoeopathic Medicine and practitioners are now being sought out for the knowledge that we have known, applied and that has been practiced for over 200 years!

It means that we will as a population demand that they stop poisoning us through our water, food and medicines as we continue to WAKE UP and create change with our wallet creating greater access and affordability in organic foods.

It means that people are waking up to the power we have to NOT become a medical statistic! 1 million people die every year through medical negligence in American hospitals!! People are choosing alternative routes to care so they do not attend the hospital for everyday preventable and acute illness.

The world is changing…one person at a time is claiming their birthright to BE WELL, to HEAL, to THRIVE! This is achieved through accessing the CORRECT information, knowledge and health care that has the same investments that you do — for you and your family to be well! NOT by investing in a broken system that profits from your illness, loves your dependence on misinformation and ultimately will and does take years off your life!

If you want to join more like-minded mamas who are making this shift I invite you to join my private FB group — Mindful Moms of Healthy Kids

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