Chicken or Egg?

Many women come to me for assistance as they are approaching 40. They are depressed and also have hormonal imbalance – but which came first?
It’s often a situation of chicken or egg?
Many women are depressed because of the hormones being out of balance. Others can have hormonal imbalance because the depression has them not looking after themselves and making good, consistent, and healthy choices.
Nevertheless, it’s the PERSON that Homoeopathic Medicine treats and not the disease.
Women often need these remedies –
❌Thyroidinum – to stimulate and reset the thyroid
❌Cimicifuga – to clean up estrogen dominance
❌Medhorrhinum – to stimulate the metabolism
❌Nat Mur – when there is grief, despair, and disappointment
❌Nux Vomica – when there is suppressed anger, rage, and injustice
❌Ignatia – when there is a loss
❌Pulsatilla – when the tears/meltdown sit consistently under the surface and they unable to control their emotions
❌Sepia – when they reach for control and perfectionism to help them feel safe and they push loved ones away unknowingly
Homeopathic mega potencies and intercurrent prescribing get the BEST and lasting results.
Are you ready to feel better?