Salicylate Sensitivity and Allergy

One of the most common food allergies and sensitivities I treat in my clinic are salicylates. Adults and children alike suffer from symptoms including – asthma – wheezing and trouble breathing, headaches, nasal congestion, skin irritations especially eczema, hives and rashes, swelling of the hands, feet, and face, upset stomach including diarrhea and cramping, nasal polyps, and extreme and long-lasting … Read More

Good and Bad Fats

There are good and bad fats. HDL Cholesterol is the good cholesterol you have in your body whereas LDL is the bad kind. The key to healthy cardiovascular health and limiting systemic inflammation is to keep LDL levels low and the HDL levels high. If this is achieved you have a better chance of protecting yourself against stroke and heart … Read More

What should you eat?

This is the number one question I am asked by new patients that are coming into Homeopathic care. Where do I start and how do I know what diet is right for me? The simple answer – it’s NOT a diet! An organic and non-GMO high fiber plant-based diet with soaked organic whole grains and occasional organic, non-GMO, and grass-fed … Read More

Do I want to donate $1?

I went yesterday to Natural Grocers (100% organic supermarket here in the USA) and they asked me if I wanted to donate $1 to keeping parks pesticide-free. I took the information home with me and I have started to think and research this. Instead of parks, which are public land so they can qualify as a non-profit – amazing cause … Read More

Food Wastage!

Is anyone else horrified by the food wastage since this pandemic! This is NOT a new issue. It’s predicted that 40% of the produce grown in the USA is dumped and this statistic has only increased since the ‘plandemic’ started. This is just INFURIATING! World hunger is still one of the greatest contributors to child death globally and yet we … Read More

Raw Food

When your diet consist of more than 75% raw foods, here are just some of the improvements likely to happen to you. * More energy * Up to 3 hours less sleep * Weight loss * More beautiful skin * Clarity of mind and better memory * Improved immune system * Improved fertility *Prevent or even reverse diabetes You can … Read More