Broken Bones – no problem!

There are times when I am super grateful for the advancement of medicine for joint replacements, broken bones and emergencies. However I don’t just use what they offer, I work with my patients to holistically support their procedure and detox the anesthetics and drugs used. I prescribe Homeopathic Medicines to heal the joint and surrounding inflammation, alternatives for pain management, … Read More

Kids are hurting from these ‘sugar’ holidays!

Can I tell you how much I struggle with ‘sugar’ holidays!   Here in USA any excuse is needed to promote artificial flavorings, colorings, dairy, sugar, aspartame, wheat, gluten and other microdoses of glyphosate laden poisons into our children. Yes, it’s not just USA I know, it’s all over the world.   Here is what happens:   ❌ You children … Read More

Unhealthy Nails –

This is always a symptom of deeper underlying pathology and imbalance. It takes many months to see a change in the nail bed as this is a more superficial symptom of an underlying issue.   The second miasm is mostly responsible for these conditions. Similarly a diet high in sugar, yeast and GMO are responsible for systemic fungal and parasitic … Read More


It’s not pleasant to talk about…   At least once a week I prescribe a remedy for Hemorrhoids. It’s not pleasant to talk about but those that know this pain also know the relief from the correctly prescribed remedy!   Most importantly a diet high in plant foods and fibre are essential. Additionally for those with family history or recurrent … Read More

Bloating –

I have to tell you, this is in almost every single consultation of my day. Whether it’s young children or adults or teens we are ALL reacting to the poisons and the additives and junk they are putting in our foods.   There are lots of deep ways to heal and resolve this permanently including diet changes, cleanses and balancing … Read More

Ear Infections –

NO – it is NOT a normal part of childhood that you or your children have to endure. I have lost count of how many desperate parents I have spoken to over the last 18 years who speak to me about their perfectly healthy baby that suddenly became ill, have dark rings under the eyes, low immunity, are always sick, … Read More


A very common presentation in my practice – extremely painful and of course an indication of more sinister pathology underneath for the individual.   Here is what to do –   ❌ Alkalize your diet immediately! No meat, grains, or animal products and eat a 100% plant-based diet.   ❌ Cherries to the rescue! I prescribe 3 days of cherries … Read More

Auto-Immune Diseases

This is the single most alarming ailment of our time! Bigger than the big C as this is where the big C starts! You know you have the beginning of autoimmune disease if you struggle with: chronic pain in the joints you wake unrefreshed you have chronic or persistent skin conditions you are exhausted all the time you have mental … Read More

Remedies to take with you when you travel

It may sound strange with this global pandemic but this week I have had a lot of queries about remedies to take with you on holidays and how to prepare. Many people are traveling and taking small trips locally and many have more concern about immune system health than ever before. Here are my recommendations – 1. I recommend reducing … Read More

Cow’s milk is for BABY COWS!

One of the biggest education points in my practice over almost 20 years is the reality that cow’s milk has VERY LITTLE health benefits compared to its dangers!   Most of my patients are very surprised by this as they have been fed cows milk and they have believed all of the advertising and endorsement from the meat and dairy … Read More