Living in Peace with Others…

The division is rampant, the hatred and the bullying is escalating. Live and let live. Respect the rights of others to discern for themselves what is right – whatever they choose. It’s not impossible, we all have the choice to let go and walk away from what isn’t serving us. Walking away humbly without a mean word is far more … Read More

Misplaced emotion…

We all do it, we project our anger, frustration and apprehension onto others. It’s painful, it damages relationships and it hurts people. The world feels like it has more darkness than light right now. Hope and optimism are hard to find and it takes strength to reach for it. Courage is needed. More than ever we have to reach deep … Read More

Grumpy and Irritable Kids –

Mood swings for all of us can be challenging. When it comes to the kids in my practice and my home these are the things I reach for: ✅ Blood sugar regulation – this is such a big piece with managing meltdowns and irritability. ✅ B complex and Magnesium is also really important though the child’s diet or supplements if … Read More

5 Ways to Build Resilience for Tweens and Teens –

As the world continue to throw challenges at our youth with lockdowns, bullying, social media, change and never seen before expectations I feel these medicines and these strategies are helpful in my practice. 🌀Routine/Structure – just like when they were young children tweens and teens do better when they have a routine and some structure in their day. Essential things … Read More

Remedies for Brain Diseases –

Every year I manage chronic and acute stages of brain diseases with Homeopathic Medicine. Many families who are given hopeless, terminal and/or long term prognosis turn to Homeopathic care for the following reasons.   ✅ Homeopathic Medicine can and often does delay the progression and cognitive decline associated with brain diseases including Amnesia, Epilepsy, Concussion, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Brain … Read More

Remedies for Women…

Women are strong, they are powerful but they sure do get tired and can feel unbalanced… Here are the remedies I most commonly reach for for the women in my practice – Pulsatilla – for when women feel overwhelmed and that their emotions are just under the surface and hard to contain. This remedy brings great perspective in tough times … Read More

Life Medicine!

My patients hear me say this all the time. Homeopathic Medicine is for when life gets hard. Whether it’s illness, change, death, divorce, moving, exam stress, depression, when things are out of our control. Homeopathic Medicine offers support and assists movement and resolution when things get tough. My practice has exploded this last year with people needing assistance in times … Read More

Remedies we all need right now…

With the ongoing holding patterns, announcements and status of the world as it is at the moment – the uncertainty, the lockdowns, the restrictions and isolation.   I am prescribing the following remedies every day in my practice to adults, teens and children.   My hope in sharing this with you is that you would reach for these as needed … Read More

For when your children argue –

Personally I love my children arguing their point with me and I encourage them to have a different opinion when it’s thought out. We joke in my house that my youngest will be an attorney as she is so convincing and really argues her point successfully! However the back chat and the arguing between each other I nip in the … Read More

Remedies for Negative Thoughts –

I have to tell you, this is where Homeopathic Medicine really comes into its own and it can be magical. Especially for teenagers and those of us who tend to like control, need reassurance and overthink.   🌀Arsenicum Album – I reach for this for my patients who worry about their heath, their future, their relationships and money. These people … Read More