Supporting our Children’s Mental Health

13% of the world’s population is affected by mental health issues which present as overwhelm, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders including OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, Bipolar, substance disorders, and Schizophrenia. In 2020 from the global COVID situation 59% of Americans have reached out for assistance with their mental health. Of this 59%, 40 million people who reached out for help … Read More

Looking After your Breasts

Many women come to me worried about their breasts. Many have noticed from their self-examination that they have ‘lump’ breasts and are worried about their risk of breast cancer. The great news is what you EAT and DO matters! Miasmatic Homoeopathic Medicine works on your level of predisposition to illness. If you know you are at high risk for specific … Read More

Bladder Issues and Homoeopathic Medicine

☑️ I treat teenagers and women who struggle with interstitial cystitis.   ☑️ I have at least 5 cases of chronic and long-standing bedwetting in my clinic all the time. (Kids who are 8 to young adults who are 22)   ☑️ I treat a lot of men with urination issues as a result of prostate enlargement.   ☑️ I … Read More

Fast Relief for Colic and Reflux

It’s estimated that 1 in 5 babies experience colic and/or reflux. I can attest to this as I treat a lot of this in my clinic. It usually involved extreme periods of crying, pain, trapped wind, and acid reflux that repeats after each and every feed. It’s horrible for baby and it’s exhausting for the new mom and dad!   … Read More

Insomnia Relief

Did you know that 40% of people ages 40 – 59 report to their doctors that they are getting less than 7 hours of sleep? This is the magic number for adults. Unfortunately of those 7 hours only 20% of this time is in restorative and healing REM sleep while the remaining 80% are non-REM sleep stages. Our body needs … Read More

Ear Infections – what you need to know

Frequent ear infections are perhaps the most common complaint that brings new families into my care. After several rounds of antibiotics and tubes/gromets in their children’s ears, they are fed up. Natural remedies such as garlic oil in the ear, vitamins, and essential oils are not doing enough so they reach for Homoeopathic Medicine as we offer a permanent resolution. … Read More

Constipation – it’s more serious than you realize…

Did you know that anything less than 3 bowel movements a day is constipation? A lot of my patients are surprised to hear this. Your bowel movements are a barometer to determine how healthy you really are and where levels of systemic inflammation lie. Let’s talk about the complications of not having regular bowel movements – * PLAQUE – The … Read More

Every physical illness has an EMOTIONAL cause…

Breathe, choose, chase, decide, cry, moan, scream, complain, judge, let go…reach… Sound familiar? This is the process… I have learned over almost 20 years in private practice that every single ailment that manifests in the physical body has an emotional base. Homoeopathic Medicine is the only medicine I have found that can and DOES cure because it addresses the CAUSATION … Read More

Permanent Wart and Skin Tag Removal

I treat so many warts and skin tags in my practice. The Homoeopathic sycotic miasm is responsible for these. Some families have them and others don’t!  Learn more in my miasm webinar – If you have an active sycotic miasm you are more likely to have these and your children are too. The anti miasmatic remedies I use to … Read More

Influenza – when to worry…

Flu – aches and pains, chills, fever, sore throat and ears, cough, runny nose, and headache. It’s the PITS! Homoeopathic Medicine is used in clinics, homes, and Homeopathic Hospitals all around the world to bring relief without suppression NATURALLY! Homoeopathic Medicine has a history of being used in pandemics of flu for over 200 years. Dewey recorded statistics of Homoeopathic … Read More