We Hold More Power Than We Realize…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to step away and contemplate. I a taking the time for a little reset. Trying to sleep more, to take the time to be horizontal on a yoga mat or a bed, and take inventory of my thoughts and feelings. I realized in this time that I have so much power in my life that … Read More

Breast Implant Illness (BII)

It’s time we talk about something…   More and more women are coming into my care with what they suspect is Breast Implant Illness (BII).   These women suspect or are in the process of receiving a diagnosis. These women are SUFFERING, most have suffered for years since the had their surgery. Both silicone gel-filled AND saline-filed, smooth surface, textured … Read More

Miasmatic Homoeopathy

Miasmatic homeopathy is relevant for permanent change in the incidence of stuttering and ticks. An active tubercular miasm is often responsible for the recurrence and severity. Recently, Ruby came into my care with stuttering and facial ticks. She had just turned 4 and the stuttering was now becoming more frequent and socially problematic for her. She was embarrassed and frustrated … Read More

A message to the skeptics…

I was asked about this recently by one of the families in my care. I have been so fortunate that I have not received much criticism or attacks of skepticism in my career. This year is my 18th year in practice and with 7000 patients and counting, I have learned a lot and continue to learn with ongoing postgraduate studies … Read More

The game of patience…

Seriously, dealing with the unknown and having to be patient is when the BEAST in me comes out. The uncertainty, the different scenarios, the what if’s — they really are challenging for me. I know it’s not anxiety, as it’s not a clinical presentation, it doesn’t cripple me in my life. It’s just FEAR of the unknown. My life has been full … Read More

Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is a sign of chronic inflammation and can also be related to hormonal health. Many men and women struggle with this round their ankles, legs, abdomen, and the fingers and wrists and just think it’s part of aging. It is NOT. Our bodies speak to us constantly through symptoms and unfortunately, it’s only when symptoms become unbearable that … Read More

Is ORGANIC worth it?

You have heard me go on and on about organic foods and CLEAN raw produce for many years. Is it as essential as I say it is — YES IT IS! Why? Glyphosate is a herbicide — a chemical compound used to kill certain plants. It kills plants and is therefore used in farming to get rid of the growth of invasive weeds. This … Read More

Why your body needs RAW food every day!

Yes, it does…every single day your body needs raw, nutrient dense and organic RAW food as fuel. * NUTRIENTS — our bodies need raw food for critical digestive enzymes that cannot be obtained from grains and animal products.* FIBRE — roughage from raw food enables you to have healthy intestinal transit time and complete and regular bowel habits (you should be pooping 3 times … Read More


Whether clinically diagnosed or just feeling down and struggling more than normal these emotions and low motivation can be assisted with Homoeopathic Medicine The remedies I reach for most commonly in my clinic for depression include Aurum Metallicum, Diamond, Nat Mur and at the moment also Ignatia. Depression lowers the spirits and drowns the eyes in tears, I often feel … Read More

Oestrogen Dominance…

Guess what ladies, your period is NOT meant to be painful, you’re not meant to feel uncomfortable and ‘blah’ before or during your period. What is normal? It’s very typical to feel a little bloated, congested and constipated a few days before the bleed. It’s also normal to have some fluid retention and irritability as the bleed starts. Everything else … Read More