Bloating –

I have to tell you, this is in almost every single consultation of my day. Whether it’s young children or adults or teens we are ALL reacting to the poisons and the additives and junk they are putting in our foods.   There are lots of deep ways to heal and resolve this permanently including diet changes, cleanses and balancing … Read More

Hormonal Changes –

Do you know that your hormonal system is under a constant series of changes throughout your entire life?   Starting from pre-puberty which can now be as young as 8 or 9 years old, until menopause is completed at around 60 years of age, your hormones are changing.   Hormonal change can be easy for some girls and women moving … Read More

Ailments from Life Changes –

Life changes are one of the major causes of physical and emotional illness. Change such as divorce, death, moving, change in employment and family dynamics, they can have profound effects on neurological, psychological, digestive, hormonal and immune health.   Homoeopathic Medicine offers medicines that are specific to these changes that strip the overload and imbalance in the body systems. Remedies … Read More

Sleep Troubles –

Perhaps the most underrated and most essential part of healing and good emotional/mental health.   Sleep rests the brain, integrates the nervous system, gives you digestive and reproductive health a chance to do its thing…it’s essential.   I speak to so many patients every month who are caught in cycles of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and poor liver and gallbladder health … Read More

Ear Infections –

NO – it is NOT a normal part of childhood that you or your children have to endure. I have lost count of how many desperate parents I have spoken to over the last 18 years who speak to me about their perfectly healthy baby that suddenly became ill, have dark rings under the eyes, low immunity, are always sick, … Read More

Skin Diseases

Homeopathic Medicine does wonders for the skin. Whether it’s dry, scaly, and cracked skin from living in dry environments or constant exposure to chlorine or ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, and staphylococcus infections. The skin is our greatest detox organ, as such, it is a great reflection of digestive and immune health. If you have congested skin, you have congested … Read More


A very common presentation in my practice – extremely painful and of course an indication of more sinister pathology underneath for the individual.   Here is what to do –   ❌ Alkalize your diet immediately! No meat, grains, or animal products and eat a 100% plant-based diet.   ❌ Cherries to the rescue! I prescribe 3 days of cherries … Read More

ADHD and ‘Spectrum Kids’

This is the most common email l receive every week – what can Homeopathic Medicine do for my ‘spectrum child.’ Improve concentration Reduce sensory seeking behaviors – stimming, OCD, rocking, stuttering, tics, etc Break the cycle of recurrent illness! Reduce and in many cases eliminate dyslexia, dyspraxia, and other learning challenges Heal and completely resold auditory processing issues and sensory … Read More

Stomach Pain

One of the most common presentations in my practice. The cause can be as simple as colic in infants, indigestion, gas, or period pain. Most commonly it in systemic inflammation but in severe and prolonged episodes food sensitivities and intolerances are often the culprit. Thermal imaging is particulate efficient in diagnosing systemic and localized inflammation. These are the remedies to … Read More