Calcification — the silent disease that is killing you slowly

Although calcification is not considered a disease in its own right, calcification is the hardening of body tissues by calcium salts or deposits. These deposits are the result of toxicity that is coming from our food, water and the chemicals in our personal products, home and environment.

I have been in private practice 17 years, however in the last 12 months I have witnessed a dramatic influx of patients aged 30–43years with inflammatory conditions and diseases, all the result of this calcification.

These conditions include heart disease, kidney disease, kidney stones, gallstones, chronic inflammation, arthritis, cataracts, eczema and psoriasis. The symptoms and causation of these conditions are dramatically impacted by calcification that affects every major organ and joint in the body.

Muscular and joint pain, generalised digestive disturbances and obesity, we have learnt to live with these systemic discomforts. We have accepted that this is part of getting older, just like the wrinkles that appear on our face.

We are becoming complacent, by our mid 30’s our body is getting tired, it cannot clean out, detoxify and maintain the body function the way it used to. The daily and systemic abuse needs to stop!

Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash

We have come to accept that a high sugar, salt and chemical laden diet is normal, perhaps even acceptable. Most of the western world consumes the SAD (Standard American Diet) without questioning the hydrogenated oils, Monsanto manufactured endocrine inhibitors and genetically modified produce.

The commercials and messaging around weight loss involves gym memberships and calorie restricted foods and shakes filled with artifical carcinogenic sweeteners and fillers including aspartame. Low fat everything has become the trend at trying to fight the battle of the bulge while it’s the foods themselves that we consume, filled with genetically modified and chemical poisons that are really making us fat but most importantly ILL!

Illness and wellness have become a game of education not healthcare access. It’s not the availability of healthcare that will give you longevity but the healthcare education and providers you choose.

In 17 years as a Wholistic Practitioner I have never spent more time on patient education than now, just as equally perhaps to the alternative and wholistic treatments I provide. Educating parents and professionals, waking them up to the geo, political, economical and pharmaceutical agendas is literally becoming the back bone of my private practice.

Taking off the blinders, adjusting consumerism, food and healthcare is literally making the choices and taking the action to not become a medical statistic!

The food we are ingesting, the water we are drinking and the chemicals in our personal and household products are causing INFLAMMATION. Chronic inflammation (I’m talking about 20 years worth) is why the body is beginning to manifest disease. The calcification of bile ducts, tissue and cells occur because your body can not clean out as fast as you are putting in.

The mitochondrial activity and detox pathways of your lymphatic and digestive system are exhausted and it’s here that your body hits a brick wall and begins to manifest the symptoms of inflammation which I described in the beginning of this article.

By the time you hit your mid 30’s it’s serious detox time or serious illness time! The great part is YOU can make that choice!

Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

Here are the lifestyle choices I teach my patients to make to get the body starting to cleanse and detox, to start cleaning up the mess from the last 20 years!

  1. Drink 2–3 liters of fluoride free water every day
  2. Engage in 35–60 minutes of physical sweat-inducing exercise once every second day
  3. Invest in an infra red sauna — 20–40 minutes daily really helps your body to purge and eliminate a lifetime worth of toxins
  4. Only consume organic and non GMO produce — this sounds hard but it’s not! Use your wallet to change the direction of the food production industry. Demand clean food that will not shorten your life and poison your children! (I’m extreme with this one! If it’s not organic, it’s not in my home and it doesn’t go in our mouths or on our skin! I will NOT become an industrial farming healthcare static!)
  5. Only consume meat that is grass fed and grass finished. Meat and poultry that eats genetically modified grain equates to you consuming this poison too!
  6. Skin brushing — daily in the shower
  7. Chlorophyll, magnesium and vitamin B supplementation — organic and sustainable sources of course, no synthetic fillers!
  8. Daily vitamin D — walk outside or lay in the sunshine every chance you get for at least 30 minutes a day.
  9. Go to bed at the same time every evening and get up at the same time every morning. The ideal sleep requirement for an adult is 7.5 hours, make it happen!

10. Use every mouthful to nourish and heal your body, not feed inflammation and disease!

Level up your education, work with an experienced and educated healthcare provider on your specific inflammation and learn about the poisons that are all around us.

Please! Don’t be complacent, don’t accept what the media and ‘the agenda’s’ want you to. Become your own healthcare advocate and do the work.

Remember — it took many years for you to become sick, inflamed, fat and unhealthy! It’s going to take you months if not years to do the good detox work on your own. Adopt the lifestyle changes and invest in wholistic healthcare that will speed up this process. It’s your life and longevity that you are fighting for!

I encourage you to join my community to get TRUTHFUL information about healthcare and what you are consuming.

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