Broken Bones – no problem!

There are times when I am super grateful for the advancement of medicine for joint replacements, broken bones and emergencies.
However I don’t just use what they offer, I work with my patients to holistically support their procedure and detox the anesthetics and drugs used.
I prescribe Homeopathic Medicines to heal the joint and surrounding inflammation, alternatives for pain management, medicines to assist bone growth and medicines to detox the system from the drugs.
Here is what I reach for –
❌Phosphorus – useful when there has been a lot of blood loss and blood clotting is a factor. This medicine heals and regenerate the circulatory system. It’s very useful if there is hemorrhage or blood clots around the injury site.
❌Arnica – brilliant medicine for bruising, pain, accumulation of fluid and swelling as well as regeneration of tissue.
❌Thuja – I use this to detoxify the system of drugs and anaesthetic. I also prescribe it to reactivate detoxification pathways so the body can reduce fluid that accumulates in the form of swelling around the injury site.
❌Symphytum – this remedy assists with callus formation and osteoblast activity that is needed to create new bone. Useful once the fracture has been set and the patent is in plaster and you want a faster recovery.
❌Calc Phos – this medicine is used for mending broken bones and strengthens the new bones by providing the essential nutrients calcium and phosphorus at the fracture site. This medicine is particularly valuable for elderly patients with weak and brittle bones.
❌Hypericum – fabulous for nerve pains and unbearable pains in fracture and joint replacement patients that feel like the bone/joint is still ’not right.’
Potency and dosage is patient specific depending on the severity of injury/procedure and the overall base line health (vital force) of the patient.