Breathlessness and Anxiety from Mask Wearing –

These last few months my practice has exploded with asthma/breathlessness cases and facial impetigo and eczema cases from mask wearing.
Here is what I suggest –
❌For those who have little kids in school wearing masks 7 hours a day they need both emotional and physiological support as it feels unnatural, it’s scary and it’s very disconcerting to not be able to read facial expressions. I am prescribing Arsenicum 30 4x daily or 1 pillule crushed in a water bottle to be sipped all day by your children to help with, anxiety, restlessness, breathing and most importantly the suffocative feeling!
❌For parents and older children who are not anxious but generally are just bothered by it, they are breathless and are really struggling getting big deep fulfilling breaths aconite 30 can be used in the same way.
❌Another medicine I am reaching for is Pulsatilla for when the person is struggling with being over heated, feels better when outside and really cannot stand the feeling of not being able to take a deep breath. The people needing this medicine are ‘air hungry’ they can’t seem to get a good an deep enough breath to get relief and are often wheezy as a result.
Above all use COMMON sense! These medicines are not replacements to taking off the mask, truly this is the best and only option in my opinion to get full deep breaths!
These masks have SO many side effects and unquantifiable issues mentally, physically and emotionally for our health. However these are my recommendations for those who don’t have a choice in my practice. I hope it is helpful to you too.
📌PLEASE, in my opinion every person needs to listen to this brilliant 25 minute medical conversation about mask wearing –
I am not spending my energy and time debating this topic so will not be responding to any comments on this post. Instead I am trying to share resources for those families who genuinely are suffering with breathing difficulties.