Breaking through limitations…

It seems to me that in every area of my life if I don’t look beyond the surface all I see is limitations. Do this, you’re not allowed to do that, stay away from there…it’s everywhere!

Well I hate confinement so I’m redefining my experience by looking for UNLIMITED LIMITATIONS.

I’m looking for ways to transform every area of my life, I’m believing all things are possible and I’m allowing myself to hope, envision and dream even if the world tells me I’m restricted at this time.

I believe with intention I can create whatever reality I want and it may take time but my life will not be stopped or limited by the projections of others.

My health is stronger every day, I’m laughing, I’m dancing, I’m singing, I’m connecting.

My clinic is a constant source of joy and so many of the families in my clinic are breaking through limitations! It’s such a celebration to see families getting well and leaving diagnoses and pathology behind.

Covid has given us all the opportunity to reprioritize, to focus on our health and our mental health and HEAL!

I’ve support more families with gallbladder, bowel and liver cleanses in the last 4 months than ever. Families are switching out their pantries, prioritizing organic food and exercise. The limitations of food intolerances are being broken through and a rich microbiome being established.

We have to dig a little beyond the surface to find things to get us excited and motivated with these new global changes. I’m challenging my patients to dream, believe and give birth to ideas that you have previously thought impossible.

When we strengthen our minds to search and find things outside of the darkness and despair we are being ‘fed’ we reclaim ourselves, our lives and our health. No one can take that kind of purpose away from us…

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