Remedies for Lactation –

Breast-feeding and lactation is greatly encouraged in my practice. The benefits of breastfeeding for both the child and mother are greatly documented but it is not always an easy journey. I prescribe these medicines often and it brings great relief and great success to the breastfeeding relationship and health of mother and child. Lac Humanum – this medicine is my … Read More

Toothaches –

Dental treatment is important, unfortunately I often get calls from patients in my practice in pain who have abscesses who are waiting in discomfort for their dental appointment. Homeopathic Medicine gives great relief and can reduce infection and prevent cellulitis.   ❌Silica – my number one go to remedy for abscess and teeth infections. It reduces the swelling and pain … Read More

Sleep Disorders –

Sleep disorders are a big part of my practice. I treat narcolepsy, insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, REM sleep behavior disorder, nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking, eating, talking and sleep trauma. Believe it or not a third of adults suffer with one of the sleep disorders listed above. The second and third miasms in Homeopathic Medicine greatly improve and … Read More

Broken Bones – no problem!

There are times when I am super grateful for the advancement of medicine for joint replacements, broken bones and emergencies. However I don’t just use what they offer, I work with my patients to holistically support their procedure and detox the anesthetics and drugs used. I prescribe Homeopathic Medicines to heal the joint and surrounding inflammation, alternatives for pain management, … Read More

Sinus infections, you don’t always need antibiotics –

Lots of these in my practice this week. The change of weather in the northern and southern hemisphere is most commonly the culprit as well as being run down and exhausted. Antibiotics are definitely one option but so are these remedies. I use these remedies in 6c potency every 15 minutes until the mucus begins to breakdown and not be … Read More

Ailments from Cold Exposure –

Baby it’s COLD outside! Did you know there are homeopathic medicines that are specifically from exposure to the cold. Not only are we talking about colds and flu and ailments such as frostbite but recurrent illness from exposure to cold winds, getting cold after swimming in water or even getting your hair wet! With this SUPER cold snap here in … Read More

Kids are hurting from these ‘sugar’ holidays!

Can I tell you how much I struggle with ‘sugar’ holidays!   Here in USA any excuse is needed to promote artificial flavorings, colorings, dairy, sugar, aspartame, wheat, gluten and other microdoses of glyphosate laden poisons into our children. Yes, it’s not just USA I know, it’s all over the world.   Here is what happens:   ❌ You children … Read More

Treating Blisters Naturally –

I treat a lot of these, they are often trauma related from burns, jamming fingers in car doors or accidents. They are painful and do need monitoring so they heal correctly. Here are the medicines I prescribe – ❌ Allium Cepa – when the blisters are on the feet or heels from new shoes, pinching or hiking! The is a … Read More

Breathlessness and Anxiety from Mask Wearing –

These last few months my practice has exploded with asthma/breathlessness cases and facial impetigo and eczema cases from mask wearing.   Here is what I suggest –   ❌For those who have little kids in school wearing masks 7 hours a day they need both emotional and physiological support as it feels unnatural, it’s scary and it’s very disconcerting to … Read More

Mastitis and Nipple Thrush –

I really enjoy helping women with this as it’s agonizingly painful for the mother and Homeopathic treatment can bring results so fast they do entirely without pharmaceuticals!   Introducing pharmaceuticals for this such as anti fungals, steroids and anti biotics hurt the mother and child ongoing with gut imbalance and greater complications.   📌I dose hard and fast with 6c … Read More