Embracing Vulnerability and the 3 Step Ritual That Has Saved My Sanity

I’m not good at vulnerability but since this COVID situation I have decided the gloves are off between me and my ego. No more hiding behind the curtain, I feel the need to be authentic now more than ever. My why is greatly linked to the high risk kids and youth that are currently in my practice. My care and … Read More

Claiming Your Birthright to be Well

I can feel and see the tides turning — a new trend for the health industry… I have been so encouraged by the number of people who have shown a greater interest to understand how Homeopathic Medicine works since the beginning of this epidemic. Articles, evidence and research about Homoeopathic Medicine being published on mainstream platforms. People sharing publically what they are … Read More

Failure is still worth pursuing — if you use the right strategy…

I have felt so listless and melancholic lately, this mixed with absolute fiery anger and injustice! The lack of structure, busyness and rhythm of being in other people’s lives has left a great void that I for one have not been able to make sense of. I have found myself dwelling in my past failures and mistakes. Idle time is … Read More

Why Impatient People Never Feel Well

Unfortunately my current health status is the sum of all of the nourishment and damage that I have done in my life up until this point. Yours is too! Every Whopper meal from Burger King, genetically modified corn chip, Homeopathic Medicine, organic mouthful of food and parasite cleanse has had it’s impact either positive or negative. I found myself faced … Read More

Calcification — the silent disease that is killing you slowly

Although calcification is not considered a disease in its own right, calcification is the hardening of body tissues by calcium salts or deposits. These deposits are the result of toxicity that is coming from our food, water and the chemicals in our personal products, home and environment. I have been in private practice 17 years, however in the last 12 … Read More

Can I Tell you How Much I Hate Kids Birthday Parties

Shamelessly, I try to bribe my girls to not have a birthday party every single year. I offer them an outing to the zoo, tickets to the movies or a show…ANYTHING to not have to put myself through confronting my imperfection! Last week we celebrated my youngest’s 9th birthday. This year I had another win in that I was able … Read More

5 Ways Common Sense will Prevail Over the Chaos of Corona Virus

In the face of mass hysteria and social media pandemonium it’s really common sense that I am hoping will come through. I’m right aren’t I? I’m not the only one scrolling through my social media feeds, seeing the face masks and toilet paper bedlam and asking myself — really? Where is the common sense! Here’s what I know to be true about … Read More

The One Thing Your Child Needs The Most

You hold your newborn in your arms, smelling that sweet new baby smell, his skin is delicious and you realise that all the cleches are true. This love is unlike anything you have ever experienced, unlike nothing you could have prepared yourself for. This little person is yours, you created him and he has no one in the world to … Read More

Distant Tween? Here are 5 tools to get you close again.

The question I ask myself as a mum of two girls growing up in this digital age, this time when play and connection can be so challenging is: What is really important? I’ve been at this parenting gig for a while now, 11 years to be exact. But as a practitioner of homeopathic medicine, I have been working with children … Read More

New Research Shows How to Squash Anxiety in 7 Steps

In January 2019 I was mugged in San Francisco. The last 12 months I have read A LOT about this idea of safety. I have been really exploring this idea of what it feels like to be safe and I’m now incorporating dialogue about this into the way I parent my girls. We’re all facing the idea of safety and anticipatory … Read More