Grumpy and Irritable Kids –

Mood swings for all of us can be challenging. When it comes to the kids in my practice and my home these are the things I reach for: ✅ Blood sugar regulation – this is such a big piece with managing meltdowns and irritability. ✅ B complex and Magnesium is also really important though the child’s diet or supplements if … Read More

Abdominal Pain –

I treat a lot of abdominal pain, it is often linked to digestive disturbances, injury and undiagnosed endometriosis and/or appendicitis. As a general rule it’s important to not eat or drink excessively if you are concerned that it is acute injury that needs medical attention. Similarly staying away from alcohol, pain killers and instead using heat and cold packs will … Read More

My dog has fleas – HELP!

A lot of families ask for assistance with their pets who have fleas and are also afraid of getting fleas themselves if it is on their animals.   Fleas prefer pets to humans but they can be problematic when in the bedding and on carpets and sofas.   🌀 I prescribe Urtica Urens 30c – to be taken every hour … Read More

Varicose Veins –

Weakness in the circulatory system and specifically the valves being weak from prolonged sitting and standing is the main cause of varicose veins.   The medicines I reach for for acute relief include –   🌀Hamamelis – when the veins feel bruised and sore and the person also has haemroids.   🌀Pulsatilla – when the veins are warm in sensation … Read More

Remedies for Laryngitis –

With the change of weather, especially in the Southern Hemisphere there are many families in my practice experiencing laryngitis. Most commonly acute laryngitis is caused by the same viruses and bacteria that cause colds, coughs, sinusitis and bronchitis but it also can be caused by vocal strain, excessive alcohol consumption and of course smoking. Here are the medicines I reach … Read More

Remedies for Ganglions –

A ganglion is a small cystic tumor of fluid that is connected to the a joint or tendon. It usually presents on the hands or the feet. I treat many every year and although the cause is unknown and most likely trauma to the tissue or excessive use of the joint permanent solutions are possible with Homeopathic Medicine. Here are … Read More

5 Ways to Build Resilience for Tweens and Teens –

As the world continue to throw challenges at our youth with lockdowns, bullying, social media, change and never seen before expectations I feel these medicines and these strategies are helpful in my practice. 🌀Routine/Structure – just like when they were young children tweens and teens do better when they have a routine and some structure in their day. Essential things … Read More

Remedies for Hayfever –

It’s that time of year again and the phone calls and consultations have started coming into my practice for seasonal allergies.   The best way to prevent hayfever and to prepare for the seasonal change if you are sensitive to allergies is to eat 1 tablespoon of local raw honey from your area every day. This exposes your immune system … Read More

Remedies for Brain Diseases –

Every year I manage chronic and acute stages of brain diseases with Homeopathic Medicine. Many families who are given hopeless, terminal and/or long term prognosis turn to Homeopathic care for the following reasons.   ✅ Homeopathic Medicine can and often does delay the progression and cognitive decline associated with brain diseases including Amnesia, Epilepsy, Concussion, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Brain … Read More

Remedies for Nappy Rash –

Unfortunately when the teeth begin to come through the urine and stool become acidic and so nappy rash becomes problematic for many babies.   While at the same time as using an organic non petroleum barrier cream I recommend the following remedies –   🌀Chamomilla – when the rash is due to teething and the stool looks like chopped egg … Read More