Bloating –

I have to tell you, this is in almost every single consultation of my day. Whether it’s young children or adults or teens we are ALL reacting to the poisons and the additives and junk they are putting in our foods.
There are lots of deep ways to heal and resolve this permanently including diet changes, cleanses and balancing gut flora which I encourage you to explore.
But if you want simple and fast relief reach for these medicines in 30 dry dose every 30 minutes until symptoms resolve.
❌Carbo Veg – this remedy has burping, distention and flatulence, the best and quickest relief you can get!
❌ Lycopodium – the people that needs this remedy crave sweets and often have to stay on strict diets to pass bowel motions every few days. This remedy is for people with VERY weak and slow digestion. There is great distention, discomfort and full feeling in the belly. These people alternate between troublesome diarrhea and constipation.
❌ Nux Vomica – suitable for those who have overindulged and now they are in a world of discomfort – wheat, gluten, dairy, fatty foods and alcohol. This remedy is your best friend on special occasions and holidays!
❌Arsenicum Album – suitable for when the stomach feels heavy and there is heart burn and rising acid and a sour or bitter taste in the mouth. There is pain in the belly and the oesophagus and they feel better by sitting up and warm applications on the belly.
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