Auto-Immune Diseases

This is the single most alarming ailment of our time! Bigger than the big C as this is where the big C starts!
You know you have the beginning of autoimmune disease if you struggle with:
❌chronic pain in the joints
❌you wake unrefreshed
❌you have chronic or persistent skin conditions
❌you are exhausted all the time
❌you have mental health imbalances – depression, apathy, history of trauma and/or anxiety you have very low motivation and energy
❌you find it impossible to lose weight
An autoimmune disease is caused by chronic inflammation and as a result your immune system begins to attack your body.
This is where most of my patients lie – they come in for treatment as there are suffering with symptoms that really disrupt their quality of life and many are beginning to take medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, pain or anti-inflammatories and they are starting to get side effects.
What you eat matters! Adopting an alkaline diet and addressing the underlying miasm that are active does really turn these ailments around and in most cases the medications are stopped and they go into remission.
Many of my patients lose over 30lbs while on my treatment and then feel like their younger happier selves!
Do not become a medical statistic – this is the waiting bay for the next major diagnosis which oftentimes involves the big C. Do the work now before it’s harder and there is more aggressive pathology!
I really encourage you to do your own research – alkaline diet and autoimmune disease. You will be blown away at the research, start drinking 3 liters of water a day and make time and put aside energy and resources to work on yourself.
Your body is screaming at you – it needs to heal and there is work to be done.