Authenticity Matters

Maintaining all of the relationships in our lives can be overwhelming. We have commitments to family members, co-workers, extended family, our children’s friends, teachers and coaches. So many people, even for us extroverts it can be tiring!

I have spoken to so many of my patients this week who are finding the world hard to swallow. The news, media and social platforms are exhausting with content of trying to make sense of this chaos and new normal — a bitter pill most of us are struggling to swallow.

My suggestion as we try to navigate our way through is to commit to authenticity. In every interaction and relationship seek authenticity, then it isn’t exhausting.

Seek it first for yourself and then look for it in others. Those who are authentic in their own lives and experience are more likely to bring out the authenticity in you.

We all need to drop the drama, the facades and the masks we are wearing. Now is NOT the time to play games, hold on to relationships and unhealthy interactions. We have to tend to ourselves and our lives with greater focus and intention.

Giving ourselves permission to be authentic helps us to connect deeper to others. When we aren’t authentic we are not only fooling ourselves we are fooling others.

In such a fake world we need to stay true to what we believe, we need to express our genuine feelings and opinions. By doing so we create opportunities to connect to others and find our people.

My private community on Facebook is an example of this. The more that I have shared of myself, my choices, been vulnerable and allowed my patients and friends to see the real me the greater my life has been enriched with genuine and more authentic relationships.

My practice has pivoted too, just this last weekend I broke down a massive barrier, I surrendered all my fear and hesitation and committed fully. Now, my service is more authentic and I am following my purpose more fully. I feel at peace. I am now serving in deep aligned to my knowledge, truths and capacities as a practitioner.

I now only treat families not individuals. For the same price the whole family is healed. This reflects what I know to be true, its me expressing my knowledge and talents authentically. To heal a family is so much more valuable to heal an individual.

When we stop playing the games of trying to fit in, worrying about what others think and comparing ourselves to the Jone’s next door we give ourselves permission to step into a life that is grounded, true and feels a lot better!

This is how I have achieved this for myself since the COVID epidemic hit –

1. I have focused on what I DO have control over.
2. I have shared my truths with others and had deep conversations about what is possible, what is next for me and my family.
3. I have stopped trying to fit in, conform or make sense of the opinions of others — LIVE and LET LIVE!
4. I have decided to take action on what I know to be true for myself and share this with those in my life and my practice. 
5. I am CONSCIOUSLY choosing compassion, forgiveness and vulnerability in every conversation and interaction.

In what ways can you choose to live with more authenticity that would bring more peace and contentment to you and your life?

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