Are you using this time for you?

Above all…

I have really been looking at myself in the mirror these last few months. Looking at my attachments, my dependencies and the needs I have to feel connected. Like most I have thrived on planning, scheduling, feeling productive and in this year of lockdowns and limitations I have had to reidentify myself and my roles as I have not been able to receive fulfillment from these things.

It’s normal, it’s natural and it’s OK to be attached to things that make us feel good. It’s OK to reach for things that feel better than others. For years I have to given myself permission to sit with myself and process. I have RUN from one bad feeling to another and it does catch up with you.

My self worth and my identity is an INSIDE job. I am responsible 100% for how I feel, what I say, who I connect with and the choices I make. Sometimes it’s hard to look in the mirror and accept this and the consequences of this. At 37, in this year of turmoil I have done a massive reconciliation!

I am clearer, I am more honest with myself. 

I am on purpose, I am guided and I love myself and my family.

I love my life, my practice, my connections and my influence in the lives I touch.

I am not ashamed…

I am not limited, I am not allowing restrictions.

I am allowing myself to glow.

I am growing, and it’s a fluid endless experience.

I am loving and living every day with GREAT intention.

I am clear about what I want and what I am creating.

Above all I am USING this time…I am not a victim of a global shutdown. I am using this time to heal, to discover and to BE BETTER in every way.

Are you using this time for YOU?