An URGENT Quarantine Case

(Written from a grateful mum)
After returning to Australia from Colorado we were put into a 14 day mandatory hotel quarantine.
The morning of day 13 and the day before our final health screening my youngest daughter age 5 woke up with a high temperature, pus on her tonsils and stomach ache all the telltale signs she was suffering from tonsillitis!!
After an emergency SOS to Nicole we started her on the remedies we had on hand that Nicole had prescribed (we had been working with Nicole for a good 9 months before this episode so she knew her symptom picture very well).
Faced with the possibility of being moved to a health hotel and extending our quarantine period by another 14 days, we knew these remedies had to work and I made the choice of not sleeping and dosing her 1 hourly throughout the night to increase the speed of healing!!!
I am so pleased to say that is was worth it because in the final moments before her final temperature screening her temperature broke and returned to normal. She was happily eating a snack (after vomiting all night releasing the toxins) and we were given the all-clear to leave the hotel!
The most exciting thing about this is she was a child that would get tonsillitis, be put on antibiotics and dosed with pain-killers and it would take over a week to get better all while fighting really high fevers in the past. I am a naturopath, and I knew there had to be a better way.
Fast forward 9 months and after a lot of work I can tell when she is feeling off, we have the remedies on hand and an acute tonsillitis illness can be handled 100% with homeopathic medicine, lots of sleep, gentle food, no doctors, no antibiotics or painkillers and in less than 24 hours!!! Thank god! We couldn’t face a longer time in quarantine!
Homeopathy is magic I tell Nicole this time and time again and she seriously knows how to use it … not to mention I am in awe of the human body and its ability to heal when it is strengthened and the obstacles to cure are removed.