America Needs to Catch Up

Cycling through the streets of France…

I remember cycling with my children through the streets of Grenoble eight years ago in awe of the french mindset towards Homeopathy. It’s not seen as an alternative approach or medicine on the fringe. It is so well respected and applied.

Every home has a Homoeopathic Dispensary and the mamas know how to apply the medicines for acute illnesses as well as the prevention of chronic ailments. There is a shifted and more progressive mindset to one of wellness and prevention instead of just the clinical application of an ailment — treatment approach.

I am beginning to see this shift now in America, almost 10 years later. Whether it’s a direct result of this COVID 19 pandemic because the fallacies behind the media, fake news and western medicines are beginning to be exposed? Perhaps it’s even a realization that the government does not have your health interests in their best financial interests!

I have a few theories as to why this pandemic has been introduced and the aftermath but I will leave that for my private conversations. I will, however, say this –

Miasmatic homeopathy is the medicine of the past and of the future! It’s been used for over 200 years in the face of pandemics and chronic contagious diseases. It heals the body in totality and is the only complete medical system that can treat the mentals, physicals and predispositions of the patient at the same time.

It’s because of this that it’s the powerful medicine we have access to in these new circumstances that we globally now find ourselves facing.

We all have a predisposition towards specific illnesses, it’s because of these miasmatic predispositions that some of the population have been affected by this pandemic health-wise more than others. It’s time to start working on those predispositions and reducing your health risks.

Do some digging — what did your grandparents and parents suffer and perish from and how does that correspond to any warning signs and symptoms you currently experience in your body?

Similarly with your children — what tendencies are you seeing — respiratory weakness, slow recovery from illness, recurrent infections — these are ALL health problems to jump on and correct before the next wave of whatever health torpedo (viral/bacteria epidemic, etc) comes next!

I know I sound like a broken record but prevention is ALWAYS better than cure! I’m not saying live in fear, I’m saying get to work!

It’s been well distributed by the media that immunosuppressed individuals are higher risk, however, what about those who have the beginning of immunosuppressive illnesses, just on the edge who are not yet diagnosed? This is where miasmatic homeopathy comes in as it’s preventative and can shut down the progression and deterioration of illness.

Are you going to step up to the plate? Are you starting to work on your nutrition and reclaiming you health with miasmatic homeopathy!

Europe is already well on it’s way and America and Australasia need to catch up. There are laws that prohibit the poisoning of their food and water, they undertake preventative wholistic homeopathic care as a standard way of life! They exercise every day, they eat smaller portion sizes…

I like to prepare for the future and health choices and taking action is part of this. Protection from more of this in the future lies in the integrity of your health, your vital force and the state of your immune system.

I have my family on homeopathic miasmatic protocols too because none of us have been untouched by this COVID 19 pandemic — none of us….

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