Ailments from Cold Exposure –

Baby it’s COLD outside! Did you know there are homeopathic medicines that are specifically from exposure to the cold.

Not only are we talking about colds and flu and ailments such as frostbite but recurrent illness from exposure to cold winds, getting cold after swimming in water or even getting your hair wet! With this SUPER cold snap here in USA these are ailments I will be seeing a lot of this week.

I prescribe –

❌Arsenicum Album for those people who suffer from frequent colds, sore throats and especially chest infections from being exposed to cold weather, air and winds.

❌Belladonna is great for fevers that come on after being exposed to cold like getting chilly after swim training at the pool. I sure do treat a lot of these…

❌Aconite for sudden onset of a running nose, frequent cough and dry skin after exposure to extreme cold. This is fantastic for ailments that come on from being out in a storm or after a day of skiing where the person was in the cold wind all day.

❌Nux Vomica I use this for when there is sneezing in the morning but the nose is dry at night and it came on after being out in cold winds. These are just a few, if this is a frequent thing for you or your children get a medicine correctly prescribed for you by an experience Homeopathic Clinician, it can be life changing.