Acne CAN be cured!

I work with many many teenagers and adults who are still struggling to look in the mirror and feel confident because of acne. Whether it’s hormonal, hereditary or diet-related Homeopathic Medicine is effective and FAST to bring relief and heal the skin.

Like all conditions, we treat the CAUSE and the Homoeopathic Medicine is selected by the symptom totality experienced by the patient. In this way, there are no 3 remedies that are best for acne. Unfortunately, it’s more complex to create a permanent solution but it is achieved. In Homoeopathic Medicine we treat the person, not the ailment. The acne is just an expression of the imbalance dis-ease that is happening biochemically for the individual.

Of course, these factors make acne worse –

* Dairy

* Refined Sugar

* Poor or absent skin cleansing routine

* Hormone filled animal products — meats, especially poultry and eggs

But they are NOT the cause! Eliminating these things will help but will not cure acne. Stabilizing the miasm — often the 2nd or 3rd (psychotic/tubercular) and prescribing the constitutional medicine is what I see bring miraculous results in my clinic.

** Never underestimate and link between herpes and acne either! This is definitely something that needs addressing!**

Poor self-esteem, low confidence, and hiding behind makeup and hats do not have to be the norm. I would love to help you achieve clear, beautiful skin that gives you confidence. Healing your acne really can change your life, I see it in my clinic daily…