Achievement or striving…

I think I am the most impatient person on the planet! No seriously, I think I’m a serious contender. Those in my family and my closest friends will back me up.

I want change and I want it now, I want transformation, I want the next thing, what I am striving for and I want it all now!

I have been like this for as long as I can remember, not taking the time to celebrate the little wins or the progress I have made, just reaching, striving, pushing and planning for the next thing.

I have changed my mindset of late…instead, I am visualizing it DONE.

Its done!

* The world has gone back to normal

* No more face masks

* No more restrictions

* No more fear

* No more disconnection

* The arts and creativity have returned

* Businesses are overflowing

* The economy is thriving

* Children are back having play dates and sports

* Theatre and choirs and orchestras are together celebrating music and art

* There is plenty of everything for everyone — no more hoarding or storing toilet paper and cleaning supplies

In my mind, it is DONE! I am creating intention around this, sending this message out into the collective consciousness. I invite you to join me.

I may be impatient but I will not live in fear. Instead of struggling with the achievement and completion of when will this be over I am grounded and peacefully believing it is so…

I am going to continue to strive to be the best me and to have the best life. When I leave the house I can get triggered by the fear and the control in the world at the moment, but it will not take away my happiness!

I choose to STRIVE — for impeccable health, joy, happiness, abundance, connection and love.

They can’t take those things away from me…

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