Abdominal Pain –

I treat a lot of abdominal pain, it is often linked to digestive disturbances, injury and undiagnosed endometriosis and/or appendicitis.
As a general rule it’s important to not eat or drink excessively if you are concerned that it is acute injury that needs medical attention.
Similarly staying away from alcohol, pain killers and instead using heat and cold packs will greatly assist your physician in diagnosis and treatment.
Here are the Medicines I reach for the most in my practice-
🌀Lachesis – if there is a suspected inflamed appendix and the pain is on the left hand side.
🌀China – if there is a suspected obstruction in the bowel and it needs to be cleared.
🌀Aconite – if the person has experienced shock or has great fear and the symptoms came on very suddenly and quickly.
🌀Arnica  – if there is any injury to the abdomen or anywhere else on the body.
For dosage seek out the guidance of an experienced clinician.
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