A New Year…

New years bring new possibilities and often times change.

Change is not easy for all of us and Homoeopathic Medicine has a great role to play in mental, emotional, and physical support and adaptation during times of change.

Whether it’s starting the new school year, a new relationship, a change of job, house, or location these remedies are of great assistance!

I like to prescribe in high potency in my practice as this helps get the quickest response and also hits the emotional sphere of action rather than physical.

❌Arsenicum Album – great need for routine, structure, order and to be ‘on time.’ This remedy has great anguish, restlessness and the person needing this remedy has terrible trouble sleeping. They are often driven to be hard on themselves, perfectionistic, and rigid in their thoughts and words as a way of trying to feel safe in times of change.

❌Pulsatilla – there is great teariness and the emotions can spill out without warning. There are mood swings, high highs, and low lows, and a lot of catastrophizing and pessimism with exaggerated emotions and tears. They suffer greatly from being separated from their loved ones and have anguish and separation anxiety.

❌Gelsemium – anticipation and worry about what is to come creates great emotion and exaggerated responses. They can manifest as anger, irritability, tears, and/or disobedience. People who need this remedy are very troubled and riddled with anxiety.

❌Ignatia – useful when there has been loss or grief. The person needing this remedy feels despair, hopelessness and cannot find the positive in the ‘change.’ It’s often needed in times of depression and low mood rather than anxiety and anguish.

❌Lycopodium – useful for those who are socially awkward and struggle to meet new people and cope with new things. These people are not very confident and doubt their ability to be accepted by new people and/or find success in new things.

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