A day in my clinic — acute cases only

A day in my clinic — acute cases only

Many people ask me about the scope of Homeopathy and what it can assist with, I would like to share with you a day in my clinic last week.

These were the acute cases that I treated and managed with only Homoeopathic Medicines.

* Earache/gluear
* Stye
* Bloodnose
* Injured hamstring
* Toothache
* Tonsillitis
* Tick Bite
* Hives
* Headache
* Common Cold
* Herpes outbreak (HSV 2)
* Bladder Infection
* Mastitis
* Colic — newborn baby 5 days old
* Eczema
* Dry cough
* Eye infection

This was just one day last week. I have such a fun job and my career enables incredible variety. My youngest patients are in utero and the oldest patient in my clinic right now is 92 years old.

Homoeopathic Medicine in my clinic includes chronic illness, terminal illness, mental illness, acute exacerbation of chronic conditions and acute illnesses. Most of my patients have a combination of these and it’s the science of Homeopathic Medicine that offers different remedies and theory to each stage of the treatment.

I taught a webinar in my community this week on Homoeopathic Miasms — how we treat genetic predisposition and how you can with epigenetics fight against and prevent chronic and terminal illnesses that your family has suffered from.

Such a great time to be working in medicine. More and more research and knowledge is coming to light that we DO NOT need to suffer like our ancestors have.

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