5 Ways Common Sense will Prevail Over the Chaos of Corona Virus

In the face of mass hysteria and social media pandemonium it’s really common sense that I am hoping will come through. I’m right aren’t I?

I’m not the only one scrolling through my social media feeds, seeing the face masks and toilet paper bedlam and asking myself — really? Where is the common sense!

Here’s what I know to be true about the Corona Virus —

  • It’s not the first epidemic virus to come out of China that has threatened to end the world!
  • It’s increasing the political and pharmaceutical power globally.
  • It’s creating chaos, panic and fear — um…there is an agenda here!

What I also know to be true about this situation right now –

  • It’s no different to any other time in history — the power I have over my own life is in my daily choices and thoughts.
  • I hold the power to choose my experience, this is always the same, in my past, today and in the future.
  • I CAN protect myself if I use common sense!

Here are 5 obvious and easy ways to kick my common sense into gear, take action and feel more in control in the face of what I’m being told is “imminent doom “— the Corona Virus!

  1. It’s all about immunity — at the end of the day it’s about survival of the fittest isn’t it? It’s the same in the animal kingdom as it is with us humans, it’s just called natural selection when it involves animals. The best thing I can do is boost my immune system .

The most effective ways to do this are:

  • increase my vitamin C (supplement 1000–2000mg per day spaced over the 14 hours I am awake. When I get loose stools I have pushed it too hard and it’s time to back off.
  • increase my vitamin D (sunlight) I am going to sit out in the sun and write this article for you, that will be more than 45 minutes which is my daily goal for vitamin D anyway.
  • increase my rest and quality of sleep — I have begun to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every evening, routine is healthy, it feels good and it’s helpful for my nervous system.
  • reduce my stress levels — my mantra for this week is “I choose peace and stability in all areas of my life”. I WILL NOT get caught up in media hysteria and worry. I choose to be happy, because if the world is gonna end then I want my last days to be fulfilling, not consumed with worry and angonizing fear.
  • eat foods and drink water that have no chemical agents that make me sick ie: fluoride, glyphosates, herbicides, pesticides, hormone laden meat and dairy.
  • reduce exposure to environmental toxins from air pollution, chemical air fresheners, cleaning products and dry cleaning.

2. Make some hard calls — set some limitations on my energy and my emotional exertion. I can find it hard to make those tough calls and implement boundaries, but without them I run myself down. My immune system responds to the levels of exertion I hold in my life and if I’m burning the candle at both ends from having too much emotion and not enough processing time or not saying no enough, this does have an impact on my health.

I’m choosing for myself to stop ‘stomaching and swallowing’ the blows and instead to stand up and start saying NO to my emotional energy being drained. I’m choosing to be in a place of introspection and rejuvenation instead.

Photo by Katy Anne on Unsplash

3. Creating change with my wallet — while I watch the chaos in toilet paper purchasing I can also use my wallet to prepare and protect myself. Instead of investing in Kleenex and Quilton I can invest in high quality foods that are organic and non GMO.

I can often feel powerless that the world isn’t changing and the corporations aren’t listening as the population is demanding that they stop poisoning us through out food and water. However, they do respond and they do listen if it hits their bottom line. Profit equals change and I can shop with the companies that are listening such as Costco, Aldi and Natural Grocers. Wholefoods sold out! They are linked to Monsanto so I’m no longer supporting them.

I’ve decided there is no better time to use my wallet to show what is most important when it comes to healthcare — it’s not on medical care it’s self, it’s on FOOD and WATER QUALITY, the source of all life!

4. Be MY OWN hero — no one is going to rescue me. I mean seriously! I have to be my own hero, I have to choose my own thoughts and attitude in the face of what is being presented by the media. I can choose to get swept up in the hysteria and fear or I can choose to focus on my little life and what control I have within it.

5. Choose healthy — when I am surrounded by people in facemasks at the grocery store and on the train I can choose to affirm to myself “I AM HEALTHY”. To be healthy is to have healthy thoughts, healthy attitudes, healthy beliefs and healthy behaviors. My healthy behaviors are my lifestyle choices — my meditation, my meals, my hydration and my daily exercise. We can all choose healthier activities to fill our mind, body and time with.

6. Stop glorifying busy — it hurts my nervous system! Being in a sympathetic nervous system response for most of my day — in fight or flight is not healthy for me. What restores my nervous system is living more in the parasympathetic nervous system response. A place that is calm, controlled and quantified. Being busy, constantly running around and having too many things swirling around in my mind causes distress to my body. At some stage in the last 5 years it seems it’s become ‘cool’ to be busy, overcommitted in your time and emotional energy and post it on social media to receive praise. This is unhealthy! It’s unhealthy to do it in the first place. It’s even unhealthier to post it on social platforms to receive attention for it!

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

7. Do what makes me happy — if it doesn’t bring joy get rid of it! This year I’m being this ruthless when it comes to my happiness. If it’s in my life it’s my problem and my responsibility to change it. I may not have consciously caused unhappiness but one thing’s for sure, no one else has the power to remove it from my life but me.

What makes me happy is NOT worrying about the end of the world, contagious diseases, watching and listening to fake news and getting caught up with media hype!

What makes me happy IS remaining calm, using my common sense, supporting my body and health with positive and healthy choices and living for today, bringing as much hope and joy as I can to myself and my family.

In conclusion, what makes you happy? Where is your energy — in fear or love? Are you unnecessarility and powerlessly worrying about a virus that you are HIGHLY unlikely to contract? Are you running around maddly shopping for toilet paper, listening to fake news and hysteria?

Come on guys — where is your common sense. If we all use it and choose this instead of the fear and endless scrolling, reading hyped up crap on social platforms and fake news, we will definitely come out the other side of this one …like we do every other pandemic that the media and big pharma wants to scare us about!

Oh, and wash your hands with soap, but guess what we shoud be doing that anyway.

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